Birth mothers are often forgotten on Mother's Day. We changed that. 

In 2018, we sent 400 Mother's Day cards to birth moms all over the United States and Canada. Because of YOU,  we were able to do that! Give yourselves a round of applause! Thank you to our partners and participants for helping to make a birth mom smile this Mother's Day!

In 2019, we are setting out to make an even bigger impact.
Help us out by sending a Mother’s Day card.

  1. Buy or make a Mother’s Day card.

  2. Write a sweet note inside for a birth mom. It doesn’t have to be elaborate and Pulitzer Prize worthy! Just something to remind her of her motherhood on Mother’s Day. Just remember, you don’t know her, but you just want to show her some love.

  3. Put your card in an unsealed envelope, and send in another envelope. We read each card before sending, so please do not seal! Just place the envelope in another envelope and send to the following address:

    From Anotha Motha
    P.O. Box 4077
    Mission Viejo, CA 92690

  4. Make sure to include an extra stamp so we can send your card!

  5. Take a picture of your card, show it off on social media, and hashtag #MothasDay2019

Please do not send any cards with your own personal brand or logo on them. Make sure it’s a Mother’s Day card, not a Birth Mother’s Day card or any other variation.
Want to send more than one? Great! Send as many as your heart desires!
Still have questions?
Contact me!

Birth moms! Sign up to receive a card in the mail! Just fill out the form below.

Every 25th birth mom to sign up will receive a Starbucks gift card with their Mother’s Day card!

Your information is always kept confidential and we will never disclose this information to anyone. People send the cards into our P.O. Box, we open everything and read all content before placing the card in a new envelope and sending it off to you!

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Thank you to our partners for helping with this project!

Interested in becoming a partner next year? Contact us.